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"Quotes from some of our customers"


Lauren Cooper - "I have tried the package offer provided by Nathan for a short time now and have made significant returns on my intial investment, the training is easy to follow and the package came together quickly, more than happy to buy another very soon".


Carol Cadman - "Have received so much support and gained so much knowledge that even a sceptic like me is thoroughly pleased with the professional service provided by this company. It took  me a while to decide but I'm glad I made the decision to go with Sterling Businesses Ltd".

Tracy Gibson - RSA Direct - "A joy to deal with. Fantastic service, attention to detail, response times, solutions & customer focused. A total asset and a great example of how it should be done for the industry"



Jay Powell - BID Marketing - "I have utilised Nathan's services on numerous occasions for the supply of highly qualified data to our company, I find Nathan to be really approachable and has a keen understanding of my requirements. I have always found the data supplied to us to be of the highest quality, for that reason I would highly recommend  Nathan to any one who requires both accurate and cost effective telemarketing data".



Joseph Obianke - "Fantastic owner. Phenomenal person to work with".





A Few Useful Videos

Here are a few useful videos sourced from the web in order to show you some basic things you can do - online selling really does work and with the right help and support it can be very profitable indeed. The biggest obstacle most online sellers face is picking the right products to sell and getting them from reputable suppliers - we can help.


Experience the future

After months of hard work we now have a bulletproof solution that gives our customers the best building platform.

Beat 9 To 5 

We All Dream Of Attaining True Financial Freedom And Security

With so many different businesses on offer through our innovative package system and an E-commerce industry growth that shows no signs of slowing down - it's no wonder that we are in the midst of an online revolution, where selling goods has never been more accessible to so many people.


Join us and beat 9 to 5

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At Sterling Businesses Ltd we love a good chat and as you might expect for a company that offers the many businesses and also the types of business services that we can offer - we are very active on all kinds of social media.

For most of us social media is so day to day that it is ingrained in to our daily lives to almost infectious levels and we take that very seriously here - as such, anyone buying a business from us is given support in how they can best use social media to their advantage and make it truly work for their business.

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment to dicuss an opportunity, or to simply purchase a business then please contact us.














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