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Businesses Packages For Sale

We have a range of different online businesses available and everybody from the professionals to the humble beginner we have the most complete package range available with support on how to get SEO for the business - you don't even need to buy stock from the suppliers to sell items online as the supplier will send the goods out for you directly to your customers and owners have earned as much as £20k a month turnover (£6k net profit) from this kind of package.


Typically a package would include the following fully optimised elements -:


Ebay pro-shop,


Website (including the domain and hosting each paid for 1 year),

Suppliers in wholesale and manufacturing (many can be sourced),

Support in how to achieve SEO


Training and support is provided via shared screens over unless otherwise specified and if you wish to visit us in person this is fine also of course and this covers everything from manipulating the listings to get a higher product ranking and better visibility to getting free SEO for your website and using social media as a marketing tool.


It is very comprehensive but at the same time it is delivered in such a way that users who are at any level of ability will find it totally engaging and very easy to learn.


These packages are priced to be very affordable and there are various add-ons that can be included also.


Contact us using the phone number or the contact form for more details.




Website Packages For Sale

We also supply website solutions that can cater for everything from e-commerce websites (we will give you suppliers and can arrnage support of course) to affiliate marketing sites that can be geared towwards a niche like travel, dating or adult content.


Typically a website package would include the following fully optimised elements -:


Website (designed to spec and optimised),

Domain and hosting paid for 1 year.

We show you how to get SEO

Suppliers (only applicable if buying an e-commerce website).


We have the following website models available -:


Amazon autopilot store

Travel and hotel booking site

Personal interest site/Blog

Social media attributes site

Automated SEO services site

Adult content website 

E-commerce website with suppliers

Autoupdating news and gossip website

Gaming website 

Gambling website

Auction website


The website packages are totally adaptable and the content can be of course very much tailored have affiliate banners included - the above examples are a good guideline but for a quote feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to provide the website business solution that you are looking for.


All websites come with a logo design added in as part of the cost and we will also be able to provide some support in order to show you how to make basic changes to the site yourself should you need to - this support is to be done over and email unless otherwise stated.




What Business Do You Want To Run?

Here at Sterling Businesses Ltd we have a wealth of offers available and very often it is easier to ask the question "what kind of business do you want to run"?

Why stay on an income lower than you deserve in a job that you really don't enjoy all that much when you can be in control of your own destiny and own a business that can produce a real income - this can be the dawn of a new day for you and a new start - pursue your dreams and buy the business you deserve.





As an example, you may wish to sell something that is a timeless staple, something safe and comparatiely low risk like furniture or kitchen wares - to give you an idea, we have around 500 or so suppliers for just these products alone - you may wish to sell low value fast moving comsumer goods and hold stock for these items.


The extensive list of suppliers we deal with number in the thousands and we have are a mixture of both wholesalers and manufacturers offering various margins from 30-60% and higher, they all have the proper and correct processes in place to manage any stock control, shipping and product returns all in a professional manner as you would expect.


By all means you are welcome to visit us if you wish and we can show you pro shops that we have been set up on both eBay and Amazon making incredible sums of turnover each month (typically £10k a month gross with a £3k net each month).


We have a collective 23 years’ experience of running and creating online businesses and far beyond simply offering suppliers we can support you in all sorts of other ways and can offer training and mentoring to give you the knowledge of how to manipulate the listings to get higher rankings, you can find out about using GS1/EAN barcodes on Amazon to do the same, getting free SEO for your website, using social media to drive traffic to you pro shop and of course the creation of a professional looking shop that looks a million miles above and beyond the frankly limited and awful looking eBay/Amazon templates offered as standard.


In reality you won’t find a business making say £50k a year for much less than £50k, you are locked in to running a business in exactly the same way as the previous owner or it will have adverse effects on your turnover, you are stuck dealing with the same suppliers and they may be unreliable, you cannot easily expand the business or put different branding on it without again effecting sales... it may be failing or the marketing coming to a close hence why they are selling.... far more cons than pros - you could spend a fortune on a high street store that simply fails within 6 months.


With our pro shops - you have a business you can expand at will, selling any products that you want to sell, with suppliers offered for any of those products and you are given support to help you to make it all work - you have something that looks visually stunning (like a well-dressed shop window) and this draws the customers in, they are more inclined to impulse buy as the purchase process is simplified using pour pro shop, no horrible tick box filter system like eBay offer (which is very clunky and slow) you have suppliers offering fantastic margins of typically between 30-60% and that enables you to offer better prices whilst still retaining enough margin for a worthwhile real net profit.


Getting The Most Out Of Social Media

Most of us know how to "like" on Facebook and how to tweet on Twitter or post pictures of food on Instagram, but did you know this can be used for business?

This is of course the very best way to get some free traffic to your business. You can partake in paid marketing also and this works very well indeed.

Businesses that are active on social media generally do much better that those who are not, though of course it depends what you are posting and whom you are posting to - that is where battles are won and lost in the world of social media.


Social media has transformed marketing for businesses and organisations over the course of the last ten years or so, and it is important to understand the full potential of such platforms, and how they can be put to work on your behalf.

Because social media is such a modern innovation, many individual businesses get left behind in the continual fight for market share when it comes to using such platforms, and if you are among them, it can be hard to know where to start, and how to go about things!

Read on to learn more about the importance of social media in marketing, including the most popular platforms, how they work, and how to approach them when it comes to harnessing their power to promote your company, products and services.


Social media is a catch-all term to encompass a huge number of different websites and forums, with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram being just a few of them! Social media of all forms provides a platform to allow people to connect with friends, share information and news, socialise, and keep up to date with the latest happenings from both small, private friend groups, and wider collectives from all across the world.

However, it is important to remember that the vast majority of people use social media as just that; “social” media, and as such, they do not appreciate being bombarded with adverts, marketing information or a hard sell and at Sterling Businesses Ltd we offer all sorts of insightful information for our clients as to what constitutes a sensible use of social media.


Making social media work for marketing involves taking a very soft sell approach, and promoting your business or service organically, using each site’s users to ultimately spread the word and let others know that they like what you do-and that means taking the right angle on how to catch people’s attention and ultimately, drive leads.


Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

There are a huge number of different types of social media platforms out there in virtually every format that you can imagine, and each of them work slightly differently to each other. The “big four” in terms of the market share held and their number of active users are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. We will look at each of these, and how they work, in more detail below.

FacebookFacebook is far and away the most popular social media site in the world, with well over one billion active users each month. Facebook allows private users to register on the site and create a profile, then connect with friends, colleagues and things that are of interest to them. Users can then post on their own walls and view those of others, controlling who can see what they post and what information is available about them via the site’s privacy settings.

Businesses too can set up their own profiles or pages, and try to encourage people to visit them and share them. This all comes down to the Facebooks “likes” system: The site incorporates a “like” button for virtually every post and page, and how many people “like” the page or post provides it with a tangible value. The more people that “like” your page or post, the more people get to see it, and so, find out more about your service and hear your message.

TwitterTwitter again allows users to set up a profile and bio, and then post their own short messages, which are limited to 140 characters each. Each profile then aims to gain followers, who will see each message (called a “Tweet”) and find content that is of interest to them by following others, or searching keywords. Twitter uses hashtags to assign keywords and key phrases to posts, and every day, the current trending hashtags can be seen at a glance on the side of the screen.

Twitter’s power comes from the number of followers one has, and also, by the number of re-tweets or favourites any given post garners from others. The ultimate goal for many is to write a viral post, or start a trending hashtag that will go viral and become widely viewed across the site.

YouTubeYouTube is a video sharing site, which allows users to make and upload their own videos to the site, and then provide a description and title for such that allows people to find them using the site’s search tool. YouTube is used for a huge range of different purposes from video blogging (Vlogging) to music sharing to providing tutorials, comedy skits, sharing camera phone footage, and much more!

Savvy businesses can use YouTube to post helpful, interesting or informative videos that will generate a buzz, which in turn raises the company’s profile, and encourages sharing. If people like the type of videos that you create, they can also subscribe to your channel.

The most popular YouTube videos and posters can make significant sums of money from ad placements at the beginning of each video, for which the video’s owner receives a share. The value of YouTube comes down to the number of subscribers you have, and the number of views each video has, which is factored into YouTube’s search algorithm to rank, and so promote, each video.

InstagramInstagram can be used for both photo sharing and video sharing, with the former being the more widely used application. Users can tag their pictures with hashtags for ease of sharing, and to allow people to search by keyword for images and content that is of interest to them. Like other social media sites, Instagram users can follow others and gather followers of their own, allowing their content to be viewed by an ever-widening audience, and again, the more followers the better!

​Get Social With Us Here


At Sterling Businesses Ltd we love a good chat and as you might expect for a company that offers the many businesses and also the types of business services that we can offer - we are very active on all kinds of social media.

For most of us social media is so day to day that it is ingrained in to our daily lives to almost infectious levels and we take that very seriously here - as such, anyone buying a business from us is given support in how they can best use social media to their advantage and make it truly work for their business.

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment to dicuss an opportunity, or to simply purchase a business then please contact us.











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