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This is where you find our about the other numerous types of business service that we can offer - if you have any queries then do please get in touch.



Design And Branding

If you are thinking of starting your own business or simply re-modelling the one you have - nothing says "I'm a worthy player in this game" than a strong brand identity and eye catching logo design.


We can help.


You will need a cutting edge design with a strong identity in order to build your businesses brand and solidify your position amongst your competition.


With much experience in logo design, branding, multi-channel marketing, advertising, media, sales optimisation, SEO and many more things besides.


Prices start at £250 for the initial consultation and from this we can see how we can turn your dreams in to your reality.


Then if you require ongoing support, we can build this in to an ongoing package for your business.


We can design logos for you with x5 proofs given so that you can choose the one you like the best - you can even revise your design 3 times so as to fine tune your logo to perfection - prices start at £150.


SEO Services

Do you dream of having thousands of followers on your Twitter feed or perhaps your business Facebook page is taking a very long time to get the recognition that you deserve?


Businesses use this service and so do celebrities.


We can help.


We can optimise your social media presencce and build strong links across your business.


Everything from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and many others are available.


Prices start at £500 for a basic 1 month SEO package and  we can tailor it directly to your businesses needs.


If you want something a little meatier we will get you guaranteed higher rankings on Google and other search engines over an entire 12 months using multiple applied routes and this is priced from £4000.


SEO is something that isn't going away anytime soon and with Google and other search engines constantly changing the rules as to what makes good SEO, we can take the helm and help to get you a higher search engine ranking.



Regardless of where you are currently at with your business, there is always something more to learn.


You may be struggling with finding the right key for a hole whether it is training, marketing or finding like minded contacts you can work with.


We can help.


It may be that you want a business health check up to see where you could save money on your marketing or perhaps you would be interested in using our contacts across a range of industries including manufacturing and wholesale to thrust your business into the spotlight.


We offer consultancy over but you can of course come and meet us in person if you wish and we can give you any support you require.


From training in e-commerce for those who are selling on eBay and Amazon, to showing you how to further increase revenue from your existing website.


Prices start at £2000 and the support is made available to you for 90 days and can encompass a whole range of areas.




Marketing Data - B2B

A quick consultation will provide enough information to guide you as to what data will produce the very best results for you marketing efforts.


We offer the very best targeted marketing data lists in the industry and like all of the facets to our business we are firm believers that your route to purchase shoudl be fast, concise and headache free.


All data offered is done so under a licenced basis, so this means that when you buy marketing data from Sterling Businesses Ltd you will be purchasing a licence to use that data for your own companies marketing or your use as an individual - dependent on your needs of course.


We can help.


These are the licensing and pricing options offered for the B2B data  -:


Licence Type Price Per Data Record Usage Allowed Intelligence Provided
Single Campaign Usage 18 pence One time use for mail or email plus one time telephone use All fields supplied maximum of 1 contact per site
12 Months Unlimited Usage 27 pence Unlimited mailing, faxing, emailing and calling for 12 months. All fields supplied up to 6 contacts per site
Eternal Usage 35 pence Unlimited mailing, faxing, emailing and calling for all time. All fields supplied up to 6 contacts per site

We offer the data on a per site basis and each site offered can have up to 6 verified contacts, so this means if you purchase data on any licence other than the Campaign Use Licence, you will receive all the additional contacts at no extra cost.


You will only pay per site, based on the licence you choose, there are no selection, delivery or output fees and no minimum order. All prices are excluding VAT.


The below fields give you the spec for the data -:


Up to 6 Contact Names: Senior, Finance, Marketing, HR, IT & Procurement.

Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Industry - Classification, Employee Size, Site Type, Legal Status, Modelled Turnover, Modelled Fleet and Modelled PC Size.

Email Address, Fax Number, URL, Credit Standing, Start Date & Web Description are supplied where available, unless stated within the data set criteria as a must have requirement - you can specify what essentials you need during our consultation of course.


If you want to know about guarantees on data then see below.


Yes, we will replace inaccurate data if it meets one of the following conditions -:

1. Incorrect phone number
2. Incorrect postal address
3. Incorrect contact
4. Email hard bounces


We can also provide B2C data worldwide and to find out more about this please contact us with your requirements.


Sell Your Business

You may already own a business but perhaps for legitimate reasons you wish to sell it?


Retirement or wanting a new challenge need not be an issue.


We can help.


For a nominal listiing fee of £250 we will get your business in front of the people who really matter and thus you will have a far greater opportunity to sell it and get the prie you really want.


We can value the business for you and our top team of brokers will then liaise with customers on your behalf to seperate the buyers from the window shoppers.


If your business is a physical one (rather than online) then we can also arrange for prospective clients to visit you at a convenient time in order to see your business running and go through some due dilligence at the same time which will of course speed up the sales process massively.


There is a selling fee of course which would be relative to the cost of the business but this is not payable until the business actually sells ahhnd we can keep the listing up for you across multiple sites for a period of 3 months at a time.


The reality is that selling a business on your own can be a daunting process as any prospective buyer will want to do their own due dilligence on the business and of course we can give you assistance with this to make the process very safe and quite painless.


Join the many clients who have sold their businessees successfully and moved on to other ventures (or simply retired in the sun).



Why Climb The Mountain?

We have a formula for online business that involves providing the right elements in the right way and with training and support to gel everything together.

There is no excuse for staying in a job that you dont really enjoy, working with people that you dont wish to be thrown in to the fray with for 9 hours a day and trying to live on awful wages that quite frankly only just serve to allow you to actually exist rather than to really live - no one envisages their life ending up this way, but sadly it is an all too common tale.


It needn't be like this, there are always other options -:


You could possibly inherit some money?

Maybe you will get lucky and win the lottery?

Perhaps you will go all Hollywood and marry in to money?


However, for the more realistic of us out there without any of the options above there is a light at the end of that tunnel and you can get the business that will allow you the freedom to work when and where you wish -- most importantly it will provide the income that will allow you to get to where you wish to be in life - no restrictions, no limits.  Why climb the mountain?  The answer is .... "because it's there".   Why would anyone live a life and then limit themselves?


Et lux in tenebris lucet - the light that shines from the darkness.


Sterling Businesses Ltd can provide you with options and it doesn't matter if you have previous experience of running a business or are a seaoned pro.


We can offer the type of business that will make you want to get out of bed in the morning, the type of business that will be fun and engaging to work at and most importantly the type of business that gives you the capacity to eclipse the paultry earnings from the mere existence of a 9 to 5 job with no prospects and low wages.


Stop dreaming and start living - contact us today for further information or to arrange a meeting to chat through what may work best for you.

Taking The Next Step

There are enough opportunities out there so that you cann pretty much run any kind of business and run it online making gret profits from you chosen niche

The next step is to simply get over those barriers that are stopping you from simply taking the plunge and taking control of your income by running your own business.


Even if you have read some the informtion on this website, or perhaps even had a chat with us on the phone and you then decide to go at it on your own rather than buying a business package with the in-built support from us - we applaude you either way as you are now taking your financial future in to your own hands and for you, most importantly you are now well on the path to total financial freedom.


There are no gilded shortcuts, there are no "easy paths" and certainly anyone offering you a business or an opportunity like this is probably trying to offer the moon on a stick and in reality will actually deliver you very little - we should all take stock and realise that yes, running a business is very rewarding and also can for some be very hard work, but either way the results - both the financial and the more intrinsic are ultimately worth it.


Now, more so than ever, businesses are looking to the internet to solve the very real problems that many business owners face, regardless of the market or area in which they ply their wares.


There are far more benefits to be found in running an online business than a physical one and also there are far fewer associated overheads and risks - this in itself means there are less headaches to endure and you have also cut many the typical business outgoings almost immediately - thus enabling you to concentrate on the things that matter the most - good customer service, best practice and of course making money.


Whether you want start selling on eBay, resell SEO services or perhaps you want to run a fully automated travel booking website - if your idea of a good business is attracting visitors through well placed adverts and affiliate marketing or perhaps just good old fashioned customer service and engaging retail displays - we can offer the solution for you.


Contact us today to find out more or you can find us all over social media and pick up valuable tips on marketing, selling and general ways that you can improve your income - it is time to take the next step.



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At Sterling Businesses Ltd we love a good chat and as you might expect for a company that offers the many businesses and also the types of business services that we can offer - we are very active on all kinds of social media.

For most of us social media is so day to day that it is ingrained in to our daily lives to almost infectious levels and we take that very seriously here - as such, anyone buying a business from us is given support in how they can best use social media to their advantage and make it truly work for their business.

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment to dicuss an opportunity, or to simply purchase a business then please contact us.











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